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Victory I-class Star Destroyer; Victory II-class Star Destroyer; Although referred to as Star Destroyers, their classification on the Anaxes War College System was closer to that of a Heavy Cruiser. - from Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wikia. Compared to the Victory II-class Star Destroyer for 85 pts. the I-class variant is armed with 3 black dice at the front instead of 3 blue and at the side batteries with 1 black die instead of 1 blue. It has 1 slot for Ordnance Upgrade Cards instead of Ion Cannon Upgrade. See: Ship Comparison Chart. Though outwardly similar to the Victory I-class Star Destroyer, the Victory II-class was designed for deep space combat. The more powerful Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. engines replaced the LF9 ion engines, which gave the Victory II significantly more sublight speed and maneuverability. Victory Star Destroyers are massive capital ships used by the Republic Military in space combat. Contents[show] Description This Victory class Star Destroyer is a 900-meter-long gray dagger bristling with weapons. Out of the ship's dorsal section rises its immense bridge, which is capped by the.

The Victory II-class Star Destroyer, also known as the Victory II-class Destroyer, was an improved version of the Victory I-class Star Destroyer. The Victory II-class was a more direct predecessor to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Though outwardly similar to the Victory I-class Star. Victory II-class Star Destroyerleft Not in service until after the end of the Clone Wars, the Victory II-class Star Destroyers were produced in lesser quantity than the Mk.I model, yet came to have significant influence on Imperial ship-manufacturing. Designed for deep space-combat, these. The Victory II-class Star Destroyer was a specialized variation of the already formidable Victory I-class Star Destroyer. Characteristics These ships kept the outward design of the Victory-I, even the wings, but could no longer enter planetary atmospheres. As such, these ships were trimmed for.

[Source] Visually distinguished from its predecessor by its distinct X-shaped outcroppings, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Mark II also incorporates a different design philosophy than the Mark I. The Victory Mark II is meant more for space combat and as such loses the ability to operate in an. The Victory II-class Star Destroyer, abbreviated VSD II, is a heavy frigate available to Imperial Remnant, Eriadu Authority and Zsinj's Empire in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 40/4 Turbolasers, 20/4 Dual Heavy Turbolasers, and 20/2 Ion Cannons. The Victory II-class Star Destroyer was. 19/03/2015 · Victory II-class Star Destroyer. 887 50 25K 1 Today. Victory Class Star Destroyer it is one of my favorite ships, thank very much for your comment! Reply. Aug 7, 2017. verdenpark. Do not see the Victory class too often. It is great to see one for a change. Well done. Reply. [Source] The Victory-class Star Destroyer Mark I is a warship designed for planetary defense, planetary assault, ground troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. Designed by Walex Blissex and produced by Rendili StarDrive, the Victory-class was a direct challenge to Kuat Drive Yards' proposed.

Victory II-class Star Destroyers were produced during the Clone Wars, but not as extensively as the Victory I-class. The Victory II-class Star Destroyer was conceived to rectify the shortcomings of its predecessor through employing a more balanced philosophy. 16/03/2018 · DESC_PRTO_Victory_II ^ ^ ^Though outwardly similar to the Victory I-class Star Destroyer, the Victory II-class was designed for deep space combat. With this in mind, the designers fitted the ships with Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. engines in place of the Victory I's LF9 ion engines to overcome weaknesses of the earlier design.

10/11/2017 · The Victory-1 Star Destroyer was the product of Rendili StarDrive and Kuat Drive Yards, but how this partnership happened is pretty interesting. We didn't see much of this in the Clone Wars, due to it being released in the year 20 BBY, but was carried over to the Imperial Era and into Thrawn's rule. Thank you Patrons!: Will Taylor. Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy. See also: Star Destroyers. Produced after the end of the Clone Wars, the Victory II-Class Star Destroyer is a deep-space interdiction vessel designed to serve as a sector patrol ship. " The largest and most powerful of the starships from the Armada Core Set, the Victory-class Star Destroyer formed the core of the Imperial Navy at the outset of the Galactic Civil War. These ships measure roughly nine-hundred meters in length, sport crews numbering over five-thousand, and. The Victory I-class Star Destroyer's main flaw is its underpowered ion engines, which doesn't give it enough propulsion to chase smaller, newer and faster ships. Its successor, the Victory II-class Star Destroyer, rectified this problem.

The Victory II-class frigate was a sword-shaped Republic and Imperial warship. Its design was reminiscent of large command ships like the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance due to the large wing-like extension on each side of the ship's rear, as well as its slim outline. 14/06/2017 · The Venator Star Destroyer was a carrier/front line combat capital ship hybrid. At over a kilometer long, it could carry over 400 fighters. The Victory I Star Destroyer was 900 meters long and focused on capital ship battles, with an extraordinary amount of weapons.

The Crimson Command Victory II-class Star Destroyer is a unique heavy frigate available to the Imperial Remnant in Era 4 and the Greater Maldrood in all eras. It carries an armament of 60/6 Turbolasers, 20/4 Dual Heavy Turbolasers, and 40/4 Ion Cannons. The. Victory I-class Star Destoryers, sometimes called Victory Cruisers, were a smaller version of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. They were used as frigates by the Galactic Empire. Bridging the gap between the Acclamator-class and the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, the Victory class has medium.

Victory II-class Star Destroyer. Victory II-class Star Destroyer. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. EPBPHG'U Wiki. 30 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. The Victory II-class star destroyer was the Star Destroyer used by the Imperials. It was the second version of the first Victory I-class Star Destroyer used during both the end of the clone wars and afterwards by the Empire. Appearances X-wing Alliance This article is a stub about a type of ship. Victory III-class Star Destroyer Production information Manufacturer Rendili StarDrive Product line Star Destroyers Model Victory III-class Star Destroyer Class Star Destroyer Cost 700,000,000 Imperial Credits Technical specifications Length 1,000 meters Width 580 Height 250 MGLT 65 Maximum. This is the new model, texture, and hard-point set for our updated Victory II-class Star Destroyer which will be available in v1.2 Gamma of ECM. This vessel features sixteen XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser batteries, six NK-7 Ion Cannon emplacements, six XX-3.

05/02/2017 · Star Wars has a wealth of Star Destroyer classes, one of the few that has remained canon since Disney's take over is the Victory-class. Join us as we explore this little brother to the mighty Imperial-class Star Destroyer. 21/09/2017 · Get custom designed gear at. Use ELA10 and get 10% off on your orders A Victory II Star Destroyer experiences a hyperspace malfunction and ends up in the Halo Universe, specifically in the Milky Way Galaxy in UNSC space. Because the Human-Covenant War is raging on, the UNSC can only spare two Halberd Class Destroyers. The Victory-class Star Destroyer was a line of capital ships manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards for the Galactic Republic. The Victory I-class saw use with the Republic Navy throughout the Clone Wars. The Victory II-class, which saw various improvements to the Victory I-class, such as much more. A Victory II is a support ship and frigate for the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire. It is impossible to dock or spawn a ship or transport inside the frigate, as it does not have enough room. The frigate is used as a first defense before enemy ships get to the Capital ships, and it also can. Victory II-class Frigate Production information Manufacturer Cybe Drives Model Victory II-class Frigate Class Frigate Technical specifications Armament Turbolasers Usage Role FrigateEscort Eras Rebellion eraImperial Civil War eraNew Republic eraNew Jedi Order eraLegacy era Affiliation Galactic.

Although produced in more limited numbers than the original Victory, the II’s enhanced capabilities ensured it remained a potent part of the Imperial arsenal. External Links. Victory II-class Star Destroyer on Wookieepedia.

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